International Institute of Hospitality (IoH) - offered through Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH)


Online studies are flexible and fit uniquely into your individual schedule.

Ideal for busy industry managers who want to improve their knowledge on a specific area but don’t have time to waste. Each subject is a stand alone qualification. However, completing all 7 subjects will lead to a full Level 3 / Level 4 Diploma in Hospitality Management.

They are designed specifically for experienced people. A minimum of 4 years and supervisory or management experience in the hospitality industry is an entry requirement.

There is a single online test after completing each individual subject and certification upon successful results. A synoptic exam is done after all the units are completed for a full Diploma qualification.

The following subjects are the same for Level 3 and Level 4 but the complexity is advanced for the higher level. Level 3 must be completed before embarking on Level 4

Qualification includes:

• Business Management
• Business Marketing & Sales
• Consumer Management
• Finance & Business Planning
• Human Resources Management
• Legislative Management
• Professional Development


The dates are flexible and you can start your studies whenever it suits you.


Fee includes all training, assessment, registration with the international awarding body, external examination fees, certification, materials and study resources.

$180 per unit Level 3        $1 350 Level 3 Complete

R3 100 per unit Level 3        R25 000 Level 3 Complete


$200 per unit Level 4        $2 220 Level 4 Complete 

R3 600 per unit Level 4        R41 000 Level 4 Complete 

Amounts are excluding VAT

Payment Plan – Available on request.

There is a discount of 15% for full payment on acceptance to the Hotel School.